Employee Handbooks & Company Policies

All employers should have a well drafted handbook. Handbooks and personnel policies communicate core information to employees and, when designed and used properly, can serve as an organization’s best defense in employment law disputes. Handbooks and personnel policies are viewed as legal documents and are often introduced as evidence in employment related disputes.

A good employee handbook can avert many problems. Our firm is well known for its Labor and Employment practice and, in particular, for the preventative advice it provides to employers. Our attorneys regularly draft, audit and update employee handbooks, as well as advise clients on employment related documents and policies and procedures that reinforce a company’s expectations and guidelines.

Our firm can assist with the drafting and the review of all employment policies, including those addressing:

• Non-discrimination and harassment • Progressive and corrective discipline policies
• Leaves of absence • “At will” Employment
• Compensation and benefit issues • Workplace Inspections
• Conflicts of interest issuces • Workplace security and violence prevention rules
• Performance review policies and procedures • Vacation, sick leave and paid time off (“PTO”) policies
• Grievances and disciplinary issues • Payroll and compensation policies
• Drug-Free workplace policies • Meal and rest period policies
• Proprietary & Confidential Information • Code of conduct

Employment law becomes more challenging and complicated every year. We constantly monitor new developments in employment law and continually inform clients on employment law developments to ensure that handbooks and manuals stay current.