Claims for Minimum Wage, Overtime & Other Compensation

We know that there is likely no greater misunderstood or misapplied area of employment law than federal and California compensation requirements. Consequently, employers can fall inadvertently into expensive battles with current or terminated employees over claims of miscalculated and unpaid wages, inadequate timekeeping, from disgruntled employees, paystub defects, and much more.

Such claims may arise from alleged misclassification of an employee as exempt-from-overtime. Unless an individual performs high-level duties for sufficient portions of each workweek as specified by federal and state laws, paying that person on a lump sum “salary” basis and without overtime compensation may be a very costly.

Our firm has successfully represented employers on compensation issues since 2002.

We provide the highest level of employer counseling and defense that Los Angeles and Southern California has to offer in compensation matters, including:

  • Effective resolution of wage disputes including litigation defense
  • Proper classification of exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Counseling on compensation policies to prevent future wage claims
  • Federal and State government audits and agency enforcement actions
  • Legal advise on Paid sick leave, Vacation pay, Bonuses and commissions, Expense reimbursements, Tip related issues