Independent Proactive Labor Law Audit

Our firm knows that an employer’s workforce represents one of a company’s most significant and valuable assets. Further, whether that firm has two or two thousand employees, there are certain legally mandated internal practices that both the State of California and the federal government require all employers in California to follow. The best way to ensure the company’s compliance with labor and employment laws is to voluntarily undergo a proactive labor law audit of the company’s policies and procedures. Our firm provides written feedback of findings and develops an action plan to rectify areas of deficiency is a proven solution to tackle these issues.

A voluntary labor law audit can protect a company by identifying areas where it might be vulnerable to an employee lawsuit or an involuntary audit by an outside governing agency before any problems actually occur. The cost in both time and money of such an audit is relatively easy to justify when compared with the often high fees associated with defending and most likely settling a single employee-triggered lawsuit.

Because of the potential legal and financial ramifications, the compliance audit is the one that most businesses voluntarily undertake as a first step. Some of the areas of HR practice that should be examined during a compliance audit include employee handbook/policies, recruiting selection process, new hire orientation, employee files (including proper completion of I-9 forms), properly written job descriptions, salary and wage administration, benefits programs and administration, performance appraisals, documentation of employee counseling or disciplinary action, employee training and development, and termination procedures.